Impactful Representation; Sen. Jimoh Ibrahim eyes on fulfilling his campaign promises less than two years in Senate

The Senator representing Ondo South, Senator Jimoh Ibrahim CFR, PhD (SJI) has started fulfilling his campaign promises less than a month of his inauguration. Don’t forget he promised to influence restoration of electricity and solve ecology problem in Ilaje and Ese odo local government areas.

Without doubt, Senator Jimoh Ibrahim CFR, PhD prefers the happiness of his people, that is why he ties his passion to what can emancipate the people of his senatorial district and make life comfortable for them.

In less than a month of his inauguration, the Billionaire Business Mogul has influenced payment to fund restoration of electricity to contractors in charge.

In his words “Last week , our light contractor got paid 200m from his balance out of 500m”

“Likwise, Ayetoro Ocean mitigation bill is ready. It is the bill that will not change theocratic appellation ” Happy City” given to coastal community due to Ocean surge to ” sad city” due to climate change.”

SJI is indeed in high spirit and determined to use his time, connection and substantial knowledge to serve his people selflessly as money is not the basis of his passion for politics but the determination to use his empirical knowledge to grant self reliance to the state.

Onawunmi Kehinde AyoChris
Media Aide To Senator Jimoh Ibrahim CFR, PhD

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