This is an open letter to His Excellency, Arakunrin Oluwarotimi Akeredolu, SAN, requesting that the Governor use his good office to look into the abolishment of the crude and illegal activities of religious leaders in Ilajeland who wear beaded crowns, address themselves as Obas, install their own council of Chiefs and demand obeisance from followers as proper Traditional Rulers in Yorubaland. This phenomenon has polarised Ilajeland and caused several inter community crisis more than any other factor.

A case study is that of Duro Lene Ogunfeyimi, the self acclaimed spiritual leader of C&S Church of Zion, Ugbonla Headquarters, Ilaje Ugbo, Ondo State.

The embattled church leader who has been in and out of jail severally for Drug Trafficking and Sex Offences had moved his error a step further by writing to the Justice C.A.T. Ajama Commission set up by the Government of Ondo State to look into the selection, elevation, verification or classification of Obas in Ondo State; asking that he be recognized, gazzeted and installed as an Oba in Ondo State.

While Jesus Christ refused to be called King of the Jews, Duro Lene Ogunfeyimi and others seek an earthly Kingdom to call their own without having a Traditional Stool or required history according to the Laws of the Land.

We have never heard of churches in Nigeria where their leaders or founders adorn themselves in the full paraphernalia of an Oba. We have successful churches like The Redeemed Christian Church of God, Christ Apostolic Church, Winners Chapel, Anglican Church, Methodist Church and the Roman Catholic Church to mention but a few where their leaders are never connected to Traditional Titles or seek to be addressed as Obas.

Your Excellency, we write to bring to your attention again that according to the Law of Ondo State, it is criminal and a brazen offence for anyone not gazetted and given a staff of office by the State Government to dress up, wear beaded crowns and address himself as an Oba.

Eminent sons and daughters of Ugboland are tired of the continued shame and violence brought to Ugboland by the same Duro Lene Ogunfeyimi in a bid to force people to address him as King.

The Federation of Ugbo Youths have at several occasions complained about the increasing cases of Hard Drugs and Sexual Vices all across our communities. The inflow of these drugs which has also led to violence and increased crime have largely been traced to Duro Lene Ogunfeyimi who smokes Indian Hemp freely and merchandise same.

Your Excellency, according to research on the root causes of crimes and lifestyle of criminals, Hard and Illicit Drugs are the catalysts for increased crimes and social vices in every community. When such a community has leaders, of whatever frame, as the patrons of these Drugs, it becomes very difficult to stop crimes because these criminals are covered by the patrons of crime camouflaged as leaders.

The Federation of Ugbo Youths are not only disturbed by the recent discovery of the antecedents of Duro Lene Ogunfeyimi as a Drug Lord in the United States of America who served various jail terms for upwards of 10 years and countless cases of arrests and trials in various states of the USA but also state that our bone of contention is that he cannot remain in our community and sexually defile our girls, brake homes by having sexual knowledge of house wives and create a haven for smokers of Indian Hemp and users of Hard Drugs in our communities.

Accordingly, we have set up a panel to collate reports of Sexual Assaults and Drug Trafficking activity reports by various persons in Ilaje LGA who are willing to relay their bitter experiences with the evil actions of Duro Lene Ogunfeyimi.

Our Prayer:

  1. It is criminal for any person not Gazetted by the Government of Ondo State to parade himself as an Oba by using the title of an Oba and dressing as a Traditional Ruler with the Beaded Crown.

As the Executive Governor of Ondo State, kindly should use your good office to call for the investigation of Duro Lene Ogunfeyimi on his continued stand of dressing as and being addressed as an Oba in Ondo State, and if found guilty, he should be sentenced according to the Laws of Ondo State.

  1. That Ondo State Government should set up a Commission of Inquiry to look into cases of Drug Abuse and Sexual Offences which have taken over Ugbonla and several communities and are directly linked to Duro Lene Ogunfeyimi.

As the Youth body of Ugboland, we will collate reports of assault and drugs related activities which will serve as raw materials for the work of the Government officials.

Your Excellency, be assured of the continued support of Federation of Ugbo Youths for your progressive administration.

May you live long and May God Almighty continue to give you the Strength and Wisdom for brilliant leadership of Ondo State.

Comrade Gbenga Demehin – President, Federation of Ugbo Youths

Honourable Akinmuyiwa Olasimbo – Secretary, Federation of Ugbo Youths

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