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Ikale in diaspora set to discuss the future of Ikale land in USA

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The Ikale sons and daughters in diaspora under the auspices of Ikale world congress ( IWC) will be having their convention on August 11 to 12 at the great conference hall of Clariot Hotel in Essington Philadelphia.

More than 500 Ikale indigenes from Canada, United Kingdom, Nigeria and all over the 50 states of America are expected in the convention according to former United Nations Consultant, Professor Salewa Olafioye.The Theme for this year Convention is Ikale Today, The future and beyond during a call from OndoEvent from his base in Detroit Michigan Professor Olafioye.

The future of Ikale land is of paramount importance in the heart of Ikale sons and daughters in Diaspora. Issues like the Unemployment, security, electricity, Health, education and others will be discussed during the convention.

The IWC is under the leadership of a Care-Taker Committee which comprises Dr Femi Allen as Chairman, Pastor Soyi Akinsola , General secretary, Mr Seyi Obagbemi, treasurer, Mrs Moji Olafeso, Member, Dr Darcy Ibitoye, Member, Prince Rinde Akinsola, Member, Dr Duro Akindutire, Member, Mr Gabriel Semore, Member, Mr Samuel Ademola, Member, Professor Salewa Olafioye, Member.

Event during the convention include IWC constitution review, approval, Focus of core mission of developing of Ikale land and selection of New leadership team for IWC for the next two years. Some of their past services to Ikale Land include Medical Mission in 2013 and scholarship to University students

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