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How Digital Media Coverage will Help Your Business

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By Oludaisi Omokungbe

If you are in business without leveraging on the media industry to promote and connect your business with your potential customers, then, you are yet to start a real business that will make more sales and satisfy customers in real terms. Have you been battling with low sales, customer and public relations? What about marketing and advertising? How do you connect with your teeming customers looking for your products and services all around towns without getting your location?

In recent times, most businesses face almost all of these problems. Connecting with your customers is a very essential factor in business and at the same time satisfying their needs is also very paramount. Of what importance is your products and services if you are unable to connect with those that need them? How will you get your Returns on Investment (ROI) without connecting with your potential customers?

Running a successful business has changed from what it used to be. If your only strategy in business to get more sales is still the normal opening of your office or shop and expecting customers to come and buy, then, expect low sales. Where do you place advertising and marketing in your business? Do your company or enterprise have a marketing plan?

The media industry is there to help you achieve your goals to get new customers, create and maintain a functional customer care service and generate more sales which means more financial returns for your business. The fact is you are on the wrong side of business if you run your business for a quarter without marketing and advertising strategies. Don’t create or develop a product or service if you have no funds for marketing and advertising because that is where the revenue generation power of your business lies.

Some business executives and owners in their ignorance think marketing and advertising is a waste fund. But this is not true. For instance, if in a month without advertising you are able sell only 100 units of your products and in another month with advertising you are able to sell 500 units. If I may ask, which month is more productive? Even after deducting your advertising budget from your total sales, you will still have profit that doubles that of the month without advertising. So, it means you gain more with advertising.

Marketing and advertising have become a simple and cheap tool you should leverage on with the digital media. Your customers are online waiting for you. Why don’t you get connected with them? There are ways you can use social media to promote your business, run customer service and eventually sell online. Successful businesses are customers oriented. Connecting with your customers is important, critical and crucial to your success in business.

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