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GOFAMINT Bethel District Headquarters hosts Couples get together

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  • Steve Ovirih.

Men have been charged to cater to their wives’ physical and emotional needs and to see this as a functional primary responsibility of their marriage. They have also been admonished to ensure that they do not deny their wives any of the indices of marital fulfillment that makes wives to feel comfortable and secure at home .

This charge was given by the Guest Ministers , Pastor Engr and Dr. Mrs. Tunji Ojo, at the year 2021 edition of Couples get together and Dinner organized for the church members annually by the Church pastorate.

The strictly ‘ Couples Affairs’ programme held at the Church auditorium on Saturday, the 1st May, 2021.

In his frank homily to the congregation, Pastor Engineer Tunji Ojo said God is love and God expects man made in the replica of God to extend unalloyed love to the women folk who are tied to their men via the holy institution of marriage. He said a woman’s heart is impressionable and she acts based on the information she is able to process and deduce from
her husband’s conduct.

” The success or otherwise of all marriage lies in the hand and conduct of the man because it will be said of the man both on earth and in heaven that the house was committed to him to build,” the astute marriage counselor had stressed.

In the opinion of Pastor Dr. Ojo, she said major challenge that breaks marriages is spousal denial, noting that under no circumstances should either couple deny each other the perks of emotions, which is the bedrock of marriage.

Dr. Ojo said that “sex is meant to be enjoyed and not endured between couples,” adding that if for any reason either of the Couples are compelled to tolerate each other during coupulation, something is emotionally wrong with the marriage and should be checked before it exposed the structure of the home to hawks who are waiting in the wings. ” A woman is a responder in a marriage and she comes into the institution of marriage with a blank mind and what she gets in the marriage determines her responses,” Dr. Mrs . Ojo stressed. She called on African husbands to learn how to pamper their wives and treat them as vessels that at all times require the love and compassion of the men in their lives.

The event featured couples dance and frank practical question and answer session on ills and challenges bedeviling the Christian marriages and homes in the 21st century.

In his remark at the church programme, Pastor Dr. Adesoji, the District Pastor of Bethel District, Gospel Faith Mission thanked the Guest ministers who have come from Gofamint Headquarters. He said a lot have been learnt in the cause of the cross fertilization of ideas between the experienced couple and man and woman of God whom God has used tremendously and the church of God.

Some couples in attendance were presented with gifts.

The program is an annual family programme of the Bethel District Gospel Faith Mission, Okitipupa, Ondo State.

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