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Glory Oguegbu donates 420 books to BEMORE Summer Bootcamp girls

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Glory Oguegbu, founder of Climate Smart Nigeria and the leadership Hub donated 420 copies of her book – The Year Ran Mad – to the Ondo state first lady, Mrs Betty Anyanwu – Akeredolu in support of the BEMORE Summer Boot camp.

She said ” Your Excellency, your exemplary leadership have inspired me in so many ways. I’m only following your footsteps. Today, through my organization Climate Smart Nigeria, i am donating 420 copies of my third book – The Year Ran Mad to you today for the girls. My goal is for them to have a copy each and then for the Matrons and care givers to have copies also.. It will enable them gain knowledge on the subject matter of climate change and teach them skills that will enable them to be resilient in the face of a changing planet.”

The book simplifies the subject of Climate Change in order to help the children understand the concept and learn how they can play a role to combat the menace.

The book includes a short story to demonstrate how Climate change affects livelihoods and in the story the livelihood used was farming (Agriculture). The story enables the reader put the issue of Climate Change into perspective helping them to understand how it affects livelihoods and what they can do to combat it.

Mrs  Akeredolu speaking said ” We thank you Ms Glory for your kind gesture. We are proud of the work you do at Climate Smart Nigeria helping to promote the learning and awareness of Climate Change through targeted initiatives.

There are two things i can say about this informative book. It helps to create a perfect understanding about the subject of Climate change in a simplified manner and also will encourage reading culture amongst the students.

I’ve seen that its easy and simple to read so everyone should read it and gain the knowledge.

Thank you once again Ms Glory for partnering with us by making such a valuable contribution to support the BEMORE boot camp.

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