I feel delighted to welcome you all to this solemn event of today. It is equally a great pleasure for me to interact with you on the Mission and Vision of our administration particularly at this critical period of our life in Ondo state.

It is certainly not an understatement to say that these are difficult times for our state.

While no single large scale industry exists today in our state, businesses, both small and medium scales have collapsed thereby displacing the chances of productive employment for able bodied citizens.

Government workers are being owed several months of salaries while pensioners and senior citizens are lamenting the avoidable punishment being meted upon them by the realities of the times.

Our young people are unemployed and traumatised and are fast losing confidence in themselves and established institutions while families wallow in arrested hope and forlorn aspirations.

The truth of the matter, Ladies and Gentlemen is that Wealth is not being created and therefore our lives are stagnated and peasant.

But why have things degenerated to this level? It is because of the choices we have made as a people.

In the final analysis we are all unhappy, frustrated and disappointed.

This is our story until November 25th 2016 when elections took place in this state and the people trooped out make a choice for Change.

The people of Ondo state have voted for us to reverse this regrettable trend and give our lives a new meaning. They have voted for us to make a turn around in their lives and that is what we shall do.

The vision and mission of our administration is therefore clear. To lead a patriotic, highly inspired and competent team to rescue the ship of our state.

I intend to help rebuild our economy, resuscitate damaged infrastructure, restore hope and return our state to a free and prosperous land.

To ensure that this is done, I believe a clear chart must be made to show us where we want to go and how we intend to get there. It is also important to know what we want to do and how we intend to achieve within specific and determined time frame.

This is the reason I have invited some of the very best citizen of this state and our country both at home and in diaspora who are more knowledgeable, very distinguished and clearly accomplished in their respective areas of endeavours, to return home to share their knowledge with us on how to achieve this great dream of a new beginning.

These brothers and sisters of ours who will serve on the Strategic Development and Policy Implementation Committee are drawn from the academia, Public and Private sectors as well as Independent and International research and donor agencies.

They are men and women who have distinguished themselves as the very best in their fields of relevance.

The 158 man Strategic Development and Policy Implementation Committee (SDPIC)  is therefore an expert committee that is broken down into twelve sub committees for ease of work and achievement of quantifiable results.

Their main responsibility of the  SDPIC is to develop a detailed sectoral policy and programme document which shall be called A BLUEPRINT TO PROGRESS IN ONDO STATE (2017 – 2021). This document shall guide Government towards effective service delivery and a purposeful tenure.

The underlining focus of their assignment is also to guide government to deliver on the popular five cardinal programmes which formed the very kernel of our campaign promises. By the grace of God they will succeed.

I have also initiated a Transition Committee which will also be inaugurated here today. The 21 man Transition committee is also consisting of eminent citizens of our state who are not only committed patriots but are men and women whose stature command respect, attention  and  honour. This will be led by our elder statesman, a role model and an outstanding man of immense experience and reputation, our own Dr. Funso Kupolokun.

The main responsibility of this Transition committee is to to interact with the Incumbent government of Ondo State to ensure a seamless transition and effective receipt of detailed handover notes. By the grace of almighty God they shall succeed.

Today we shall also inaugurate the Inauguration ceremonies committee. This 78 man committee is headed by our esteemed brother and leader Alhaji Jamiu Ekungba. The committee is broken down into 7 subcommittees.

The main responsibility of the inauguration ceremonies committee is to plan a colourful  and decent inauguration ceremony for Friday the 24th, February, 2017. May they succeed by the power of the almighty father.

In the light of all the aforesaid, may I therefore stress that what we are doing here today is not a process or an action of political patronage. Neither is it  an exercise of sharing political offices. The gentlemen and ladies being inaugurated here today are not my political appointees and have not been promised so and neither have they lobbied to be so appointed.

As you can all see, members of the Strategic Development and Policy Implementation Committee are mostly non politicians from far and wide whose well sought after technical skills and knowledge we have requested for formulating policies to guide government to succeed.

They will return to their respective stations after their work is done and we will continue to owe them a debt of gratitude for a great service done for the people of our state. The same goes for the Kupolokun led Transition committee.

The inauguration committee contains more of our party men and colleagues whose services at this instance do not confer on them any advantage over none committee members.

I wish to assure all our members therefore that our administration will ensure that every individual is duly rewarded for his efforts. Ours is a leadership with fairness, openness, conscience and commitment to selfless and true service.  It is an administration with an avowed belief that Developing Ondo state is a goal worthy of our best efforts.

Having said all these, it is now my pleasure, privilege and duty to formally inaugurate
1. The Strategic Development and Policy Implementation Committee.
2. The Transition Committee as well as
3. The Inauguration ceremonies committees.

The Strategic Development and Policy Implementation Committee is expected to submit its report by February the 14th 2017 while the Transition Committee as well as the Inauguration ceremonies committee will submit their reports as and when due.

May they all succeed and may the almighty God shed His light upon our great state.

Thank you all for listening.