On first August, 2011 less than four weeks before we were asked to vacate our seats as helmsmen in the 18 Local Governments of Ondo State,we put ourselves and supporters together to form Grassroots Network. As proof of our political appeal and reach, our Corporate Headquarters at 25 Ado/Owo road, Akure, became the Campaign Office for Olusegun Mimiko’s second term bid in 2012. Of course our weekly newspaper Grassroots Vanguard was also adopted as the mouth piece of the campaign and to a large extent, government programmes and activities. The rest, as they say is now history.
However, Grassroots was founded on two cardinal foci;
1. To ensure that Mimiko was elected as Governor for a second term.
2. Grassroots Network will play a major role in installing Mimiko’s successor.
While the first became easily achieved, the second received all kinds of attacks from within and also from other forces who were not comfortable with our vision. Deliberate attempts were made to divide our ranks, through blackmail and political maneavoures. The final outcome is that, our men are now scattered in all the major contending parties for the November, 2016 trophy in Ondo State. In a sense, this is in tandem with our second Agenda.
However, having carefully followed all the events and turns of the last two years, as Director General, appointed by consensus whose tenure has not ended, I must make a statement to clear doubts as to where Grassroots Network stands in all of these.
In the first place, ahead of the Ondo Gubernatorial elections, a lot of alignment and re-alignment will take place. And , after a government is formed further alignments will take place ahead of 2019 general elections. This is quite normal because our democracy is still evolving.
In view, of the foregoing, it is my opinion that, there is sufficient uncertainty in the political landscape, requiring uncommon political sagacity and celestial gifts to be able predict with some level of accuracy what the future holds. To such an extent, individuals will have no choice but make personal decisions for which nobody except themselves will be held responsible for whatever outcome of such decisions.
I therefore, can only pray and wish that in the days, weeks and months ahead, we shall all find fulfillment in whatever decisions we may have taken as individuals. But as a political block, we cannot all vacate the house we all built with our labour. Believing that in no distant time, we shall all be part of the new alignments that will culminate into the future we all beheld on August 1, 2011.
Finally, as custodian of our common heritage, l shall continue to hold forth in the PDP family until our paths cross again politically.
Once again, I appreciate all those we have constantly compared notes and brainstormed on the way forward.
I thank you all.
Kennedy Ikantu Peretei,
D.G Grassroots.