Family Apprehensive Over Whereabouts Of a Politician

The family of Mr. Abah who was reportedly abducted by some gunmen in Abuja shortly before the presidential election has cried out saying his whereabouts is yet unknown.

A member of the family, who preferred anonymity, said his brother was abducted in Abuja by some armed assailants on the 5th of January 2023 also few days later on the 18th of January 2023 his son was also abducted and
Later released some days later.
From the boy’s account, his abductors were speaking pidgin English mixed with Ibo language.

According to him, Abah was a Personal Assistant to Christopher Elehu, the candidate of LP for Onuimo Local Government Area Constituency, Imo State, South-East, who was killed by suspected assassins in mid December, 2022 at his residence.

The late Elehu’s house was also set ablaze by his attackers and a number of other LP members escaped from being attacked by same set of assailants as they had fled before they arrived at their homes in the late night invasion.

Spokesman to Imo State Police Command, Michael Abattam then confirmed the killing of Mr. Elehu.

Abah’s family is of the suspicion that those who attacked the late Christopher Elehu could be responsible for his abduction because of his political involvement with Mr Christopher Elehu.

He noted that the abduction of Abah was barely a month after the late Elehu was killed in Imo State.

According to the Abah’s brother, “My brother was going to his office in Abuja on that faithful day as usual when he was kidnapped.

It was shocking when some gunmen came to his residence in Abuja some days later in the night, but his wife and children escaped because they were still praying for his release when they heard that some persons were trying to force open the gate to the house.

“As a result of this, the wife and children all fled from home since then. But we are yet to hear from my brother. We have tried his line severally but it’s switched off.

We are bothered about his state of health and whether, God forbid, he has been killed by his abductors.”

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