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Extolling Rare Virtues As Bamidele Omosehin Commemorates Birth

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In a frank attempt to interrogate the sterling qualities that stand out some men from the crowd, Bamidele Omosehin is rare on many fronts. This noble personage is for all intents and purposes uncommon with exemplary talents and approaches to life. Readily armed to the teeth with gifts and courage, Bamidele Omosehin is quite resourceful and he showcases strategic and analytical skills which have buoyed his business empire both in Nigeria and in the Diaspora.

Bamidele Omosehin

Bamidele, a great citizen and rare gift of nature from Iju – Odo in Okitipupa local government area of Ondo South Senatorial District is a prodigious professional with capacities for apt handling of trends, reputation, branding, marketing and achieving results with precision. He strives for excellence in all endeavors with a resolute belief that professionals should attain only the best in life.

Bamidele Omosehin is a consummate international jewelry consultant and property investment czar and Chief Executive as well as owner of other chains of businesses across the continent. He sits atop a jewelry conglomerate as the owner and CEO of NVX International Limited a global jewelry consultant, consulting and marketing Power House. As for real estate investment, Omosehin is a guru who owns and manages Omosehin Properties and Homes Local and international. He is already a house hold name in Ondo South Senatorial District where he had established a foundation, Bamidele Omosehin Foundation (BOF) an avenue through which he provides immense fund to assist indigent students in the payment of WAEC/JAMB fee and the NGO is already set to roll out the disbursements of the fund for the young ones who will write these exams this year.

Bamidele Omosehin

Omosehin’s links and connect cut across the league of great captains of industry and Nigerian political big wigs. Hon Shina Pellet, the budding scion of Oyo State politics and Member House of Representatives is a close ally of Bamidele Omosehin whose presence at the inauguration of Dele’s foundation at Iju – Odo in December 2020 was larger than life. It was on record that Hon. Shins Peller told the audience at the big event in December that Bamidele is a friend who stays true with his buddy through thick and tin, stressing that the community is in safe hands with the likes of Bamidele Omosehin as its leading light. Peller had said the youths of Ondo South will encourage Bamidele to do more if they will utilize whatever disbursement that comes their way from the foundation as his desire is to ensure that the youths are lifted from obscurity to the pedestal of advantage in the society.

Bamidele Omosehin

His exposure in the international business environment has pushed him to the forefront as a recognized persona with profound dexterity for handling corporate image of organizations and his dealing with various publics.

Bamidele Omosehin’ s versatility is second to none as showcased in his handling of his various community relations and commitment to varieties of community development packages. His disbursement of palliatives to the poor, indigents and widows of Ikale Land is also quite commendable during the Period when Covid -19 ravaged Nigeria all through the second and third quarters of 2020. The truth remains when you talk of corporate community relations, Bamidele stands tall with exemplary features and most significantly is the fact that he is a leader to look forward to any time, any day.

Bamidele Omosehin and his wife Matilda

The highly scored Bamidele is a first class genius by any standard. His personality permeates exceedingly, attracting to himself galaxies of men and women of substance, timber and caliber.

Expressing his opinion about life in a mutual chat, Bamidele Omosehin said, “life is indeed very hard for poor people particularly the youths, majority of who are employable but unfortunately jobless. Many things are happening almost at the same time now that make the future look very bleak for the economically less disadvantaged Nigerians.

Bamidele Omosehin

“Already, many Nigerian families are finding it extremely difficult to get three square meals a day and it is no longer news that a lot of people have lost their jobs due to the economic crunch in the country.

“I am of the opinion that a stipend from the government to the vulnerable should be the starting point. Also wealthy Nigerians should be encouraged to help in giving the less privileged from their pool of God given resources to assist the poor in the society.

The prayer as Bamidele Omosehin celebrates his birthday is that God should continue to keep him and that his tribe of great men should spread throughout humanity.

The birthday boy, Bamidele Omosehin is married to Matilda Omosehin and their marriage is blessed with two lovely children, Akintomide and Folasade.

Bamidele Omosehin with his two lovely children, Akintomide and Folasade

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