A Youth of the All Progressives Congress in Ondo State and leader of a Youth group called on all the leaders and incoming government to make the empowerment and development of the Youth one of the greatest priorities for the development of the State and Nigeria in general.

He made the call when addressing journalists in Akure, the Ondo State Capital. Akinlosotu who is a leader of the Progressive Youth League and a Sub Youth Chairman under the Youth and Sport Sub Committee of the Strategic Development and Policy Implementation Committee for the new government in Ondo State.

He said “the Youths are the leaders of tomorrow and must be empowered today in other to meet the challenges of the future”. He noted that a nations without the Youth are in doom as he appealed to all the leadership of APC both home and abroad to considered the empowerment and development of the Youth as a major task that is needed to be done in other to bring a proper change to the society and the nation at large.

He further express confident that the new government will do greater things for the development and empowerment of the Youth of Ondo State. From all indications someone can see or observe that Akeredolu Government is critically looking in the direction of the Youth already.

In is words ” in the appointment so far, we are glad that some of our Youths are remembered and we also urge the Governor and his Deputy to intensify more efforts to appoint more Youth for a better service delivery because of the youthful energy and creativity they possess . He assure them that the Youth of this state will not let them down.”

He further appealed to all the leaders across the 18 local government to consider the Youth in the selection of the list to be sent to the Governor . He noted that they should forget about money bags in selection process because No Youth can be considered in such an arrangements.

Akinlosotu is an advocate of the Youth involvement in leadership positions. He believe that with that recognition, the Youth of Ondo State can start learning good governance and leadership training.