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Education, health get lion shares of Ondo 2021 budget

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The Ondo State Government has allocated the lion shares of the 2021 budget to education and health sectors as a matter of deliberate policy measure.
This was disclosed on Thursday by the Commissioner for Economic Planning and Budget, Mr. Emmanuel Igbasan, during the 2021 budget analysis.
Igbasan said infrastructure got N37.5 billion representing 21 percent, adding that this was because of the avalanche of ongoing infrastructure projects and the need to pay contractors as obligations fall due.
While education was allocated N35 billion representing 19 percent of the total estimate of N174.9 billion budget, health received N17.9 billion.
The government gave education sector major attention to enhance human capital capacity and health sector to enable the state to combat the rampaging Covid-19 pandemic and other emerging health issues.
In spite of the recession and other social and economic challenges triggered by the novel Coronavirus pandemic confronting the country, Governor Akeredolu focuses the attention of his administration on the development of all the relevant sectors to achieve the much desired results.
The “Budget of Hope,” as planned by the purposeful government of Akeredolu, has the twin objectives of the consolidation of the modest gains of the first term of the governor’s administration by delivery of most of the ongoing projects and the reactivation of the Sunshine State’s economic life through technical and technological education.
While the 2021 fiscal year incidentally heralds the commencement of the second term of Akeredolu’s administration, the governor designed the “Budget of Hope” to realise his administration’s dreams and aspirations for the development of the state.
With the plan by the governor to transparently implement the budget, it is expected that the Sunshine State will become a society that will be self-reliant and less dependent on Statutory Transfer from the Federation Account.

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