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Day10@BEMOREImo2021! Introduction to WORLD’S LARGEST LESSON/Announcement of Cash Prize

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Today at the ongoing two weeks BEMORE Summer Bootcamp for Girls naija in Owerri, the Imo State capital, the Coordinator of Betty Anyanwu Akeredolu Foundation, Mr. Austin Otabor introduced the World’s Largest Lesson to the girls.

The World’s Largest Lesson is a global project to engage all children in learning about the 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), and using these as a stimulus for both SDG advocacy and local community action.

It entails the use of creative resources like video animation and pictures to engage children and young people in the Goals and local action.

There’s a belief that by teaching kids about the Global Goals,(SDGs) they could be shown that a better world is possible, and to also prepare their minds towards proffering solutions to the global problems, especially in their immediate environment.

The BEMORE girls were, unarguably, oblivious of what are SDGs. The session Instructor explained each of the 17 SDGs to them, after he had instructed each and everyone to list out problems facing their respective communities.

With the use of animation, he was able to make them familiar with the SDGs which the World Largest Lesson poised to achieve.

At the end of the class he informed them that a globally recognised certificate on World Largest Lesson would be issued to those who would be able to design a global goals country, by drawing their vision of what Nigeria should look like, where they want to be and become as individuals in 2030 which is the end of the SDGs.

They later continued with the ICT and Renewable energy trainings. The ASHDAM SOLAR ENERGY’s officers proceeded with the training on how to build a Solar Panel.

Mr Fortune Maduekwe took over the class with the continuation of Art and Design training. They’re now drawing the image of Founder of the initiative to test their strength in order to discover talented Artists among them.

Climax of today’s classroom activities was the announcement of a cash prize of N50,000 by the BEMORE Coordinator, Bassey Obeten, for an assignment on 300 words essay on their experience at the camp; it’s to be submitted on Thursday.

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