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Day 9 BEMORE Summer bootcamp girls get skill acquisition training

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Skill acquisition involves a stream of processes through which an individual gains new practical knowledge on how to produce any goods or services. It requires keen attention, on the part of the learner, to the steps leading up to manufacturing any thing. The essence of this is usually for proficiency to be passed down from the trainer to the trainee.

It goes without mention that the benefits of skill acquisition cannot be overemphasized. Besides the fact that it empowers the individual who learns in the process, skill acquisition also enhances societal growth. It holds prospects of boasting the economy.

Today at the BEMORE Summer Bootcamp, the girls were taken through different categories of skill acquisition. They were taught how to do needle work, make liquid soap, detergents and liquid anticeptics.

The young participants were taught how to use each of these skills to become economically independent while impacting positively on their individual communities.

They were also encouraged to transfer these skills to other young people so as to foster the ripple effect of the project’s vision of all-around empowerment.

The art of creative communication was another skill which the girls learnt today at the Summer Bootcamp. They were taught how to use words, images and action to communicate ideas to a vast number of audience in different parts of the world.

Today is day nine into the BEMORE Summer Bootcamp. There is no doubt that all the participants will be more after the camping exercise.



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