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Day 7: Ashdam solar exposes BEMORE Bootcamp participants to practical session on solar power

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Are you looking for an effective way of maintaining physical and psychological balance and relaxation? The answer could be yoga. Now Yoga is a physical exercise which is characterised by simple breath control, meditation and the adoption of specific body postures for health and relaxation.

This important physical and mental activity was introduced to the girls at the BEMORE Summer Bootcamp today by the wife of Ondo State Governor, Arabinrin Betty Anyanwu -Akeredolu during her visit to the camp earlier this morning.

Arabinrin explained to the girls that Yoga had the potential of keeping them balanced and happy all day long.

“Yoga helps you relax and good to go each day. It keeps you comfortable and happy all day long.

“Two key things are emphasized in every yoga exercise – breathing and relaxing. ” She noted.

Mrs Anyanwu -Akeredolu also encouraged the girls to give keen attention to the exercise while noting that the actual yoga practice for the camp participants would commence on Sunday, 19th August, 2018.

In a latter development, the young minds were trained on the use of Scratch Programming to develop applications, games and create animations. This was anchored by the technical partner of BEMORE, SEED DEV.

Ashdam Solar also took the girls through a practical session on the making of solar powered phone chargers. They explained to the participants that this type of charger would ensure that one’s battery never goes dead because it does not necessarily rely on electricity.

In the same light of pragmatic learning, the girls were divided into different classes where they were taught several viable skills. These included makeover, shoes making, beads knitting, how to make bags and hair plaiting.

All these were preceded by the girls’ routine prayers, physical exercise and sumptuous meals interspersed at different times during the day’s program.

Today is day 7 into BEMORE Summer Bootcamp and we have no doubt that our girls are training to be more. They are being equipped with requisite skills needed to tackle 21st century challenges.

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