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Congratulations to Mrs Osinbajo on Her Golden Jubilee By Bashorun Dele Momodu

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The wife of the Acting President, Mrs Oludolapo Olutosin Osinbajo turns 50 today and I take this opportunity to salute a woman who has brought an unusual quiet, calming graciousness and dignity to the position that she occupies.

Mrs Oludolapo Olutosin Osinbajo

I have known Mrs Osinbajo for many three decades, as she is the first cousin of Mrs Olukemi Aderemi, who is a dear family friend.

The Wife of the Acting President, is a soft-spoken, intelligent, unassuming and humble woman who complements her husband in practically every respect. You could say that they are the perfect couple.

Both are lawyers, authors and Pastors who share a common love for teaching and a compassion for the poor and downtrodden. Incidentally they both also partly come from the same hometown, Ikenne in Remo, Ogun State.

The way in which Mrs Osinbajo carries herself with such humility and demureness one would not realise that she comes from the family of the great Obafemi Awolowo on her mother side. But it should really be no surprise that she demonstrates these traits.

Both on the paternal and maternal side, (her father, Mr Tayo Soyode, is the son of a wealthy and distinguished fishing magnate who plied his trade in Ijora, “Pipi” Soyode) Mrs Osinbajo combines wealth, grace, leadership and discipline. The effortless ease at which she goes about her duties shows that she is someone to nobility born.

Mrs Osinbajo has brought a real sense of decency, decorum and respect to her office. She is fashionable, tastefully glamorous, not loud or lurid. Even when she wears the simplest of attires, her radiant beauty and the self confidence that she exudes makes her look as regal and resplendent as when she dresses in haute couture clothing. In her own inimitable way, Mrs Osinbajo is a style icon with a difference.

Mrs Dolapo Osinbajo is a role model worthy of emulation in all respects. The kind of moral and upright upbringing that she had, can be seen in the rounded development of her three lovely children, two girls – Damilola and Kanyinsola “Kiki” and the last born and son, Fiyinfolowa.

They would make any parent proud as they sensibly live their lives outside the public glare and without the haughtiness that children of dignitaries often display.

It is my joy to celebrate a deserving lady of distinction and repute today as she turns 50 years old. I pray that she continues to enjoy good health and has a long life full of joy, happiness, contentment and peace. Amen.

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