Our dear Governor, you are welcome. I also extend my well wishes to my egbon, His excellency, Agboola Ajayi, our dear deputy governor. “Igba yin a san wa o”.

My simple idea, which I will suggest to you is to base your administration on real people, to shun assumptions in its entirety. Sir, truth exalts a state – to paraphrase the scriptures. You will do well to make sure you do not feed the people of Ondo state with indignity.

Real-people based government is when you have a credible database of identity and identification of the residents of Ondo state. You know so much as everyone else, that there is a huge issue with this matter in our country.

Mr Governor, would you consider a man who does not know the number of his children a responsible man? Your excellency, do you think, a housewife who does not know how many children she must feed, can ever be accurate in terms of planning her meals?

Furthermore your excellency, do you think a society that does not know her people can ever develop? How will the planners work? On what will they plan? How can the schools be adequate? How can the hospitals meet the demands? How can the roads remain motorable? How can you fully tackle ghost workerism?

Mr Governor, it is very easy, and convenient to think this is a difficult thing to do, especially to start your administration with. But surely I said unto thee, except there is credible database, every government policy shall be unimplementable. Government is not supposed to be a child’s play, it is a call to service; it is a long and tortuous journey.

Without a credible database, you have no credible market, no credible polity, no safe state. The economic benefits of the state will be and remain a mirage. Sir, let me illustrate this point using a profession in which you excelled, Law.
If there is credible database, law practitioners will have more but easier jobs to do. Imagine identifying the accused and the witnesses, imagine the tracing of evidences, imagine the execution of court orders! Could you see how easier these would be?

It is easier for us to postpone the good days by saying it is capital intensive! Imagine what BVN has done to us! Recall what Electronic Voters System has done to politics! Recall TSA policy implementation! Why must we continue to postpone the good days? No your excellency, we don’t have to start afresh. Let us take the “kaadi igbeayo” program of your immediate predecessor and review it. Let us remove the payment element of it. Let us capture every resident from the age of 3 days!

My dear Governor, it is possible, “ogho yi ti a sengwa”! It is possible to build on kaadi igbeayo.
It is possible to capture children and adults, we must! Our society is very advanced in some ways. It is the duty of government to pursue the common good. You owe the next generation your best in putting the state on the path of progress.

Some insinuated that people from neighbouring states infiltrated the unhealthy health program of the last administration. My take on that is, if you know your people, how can such happen on a large scale? It may happen at an insignificant level.

Finally sir, my point is embark on credible database of residents of Ondo state as a first and foremost project of your administration.

I wish you the fortitude to take the right decisions!

Otunba Oluseyi Aba
Otunba-Orofun of Ijuodo