Recent activities of some individuals in Ondo State to hijack and destabilize Accord party has not gone unnoticed. It has also become necessary to make it known that the disingenuous and unpatriotic hijack effort is totally displeasing to all genuinely loyal members of Accord party. It is an undeniable fact that Accord party has before now been enjoying steady growth in structures and membership. We can make bold to assert that the growth of the party cannot in good conscience be divorced from the financial and material support rendered to it by Mr Ola Amuda.

The fact that Mr Ola Amuda had already obtained nomination form is beyond dispute. Why some characters in the state set out to hijack the party with the ultimately intention of getting it destabilized has been the concern of everyone that had contributed to the steady growth of Accord party. Some of the very patriotic members still cannot fathom while some individuals would choose to unleash instability on a party that has hitherto been very peaceful.

There is compelling need to impress it on these characters on mission of distability that nobody cannot successfully war against an anointed man of God as exemplified by Ola Amuda. The real reason behind the sudden need to hijack Accord party is known to every discernible mind. But, these individuals must continually bear in mind that the deeds of everyone shall form basis of judgements before God and men.

We will like to make it known that God’s own project will definitely attain success irrespective of attempts by anyone to go against it. Accord party shall come out stronger from the ongoing phase and enemies of the party shall be put to shame.

While the camp of Ola Amuda is fixated on achieving success in November 26, we want to appeal to those working against the interest of this party to please allow peace to reign because ill-wind will not blow no anyone any good.

Adeniyi samuel