By Steve Ovirih

A non-governmental organization, “Carry my cross” based in United Kingdom and its sister organization in Nigeria, “Mercy for Life” have celebrated the 2016 world Mental health Day in a big way by making a handsome donation to the Psychiatric Specialist Hospital in Akure on the 10th of October, a day globally set aside to mark the world mental health day.

Among the items donated by the two sister NGO are aTable tennis, a 48 inches Television set and various items of food stuffs for the consumption of inmates of the Psychiatric Specialist Hospital, Akure.

Carry My cross, Uk and Mercy for Life, Nigeria have been actively involved in dispensing patronages towards the cause of the mentally ill in Nigeria in the past two years back-to – back, and the resolve of the sister organizations is to continue with this assistance as long as there is need to give the mentally challenged people necessary assistance in the society.

In the cause of the presentation of the relief materials, the founder of the two NGOs, Bar. Rotimi Ogunsan, ably represented by Bar. Segun Lema, said there is the need to encourage recreation among the mentally challenged people as this stands a chance of calming their nerves, thereby integrating them gradually into the society.

The Chief Medical Director, Neuro-psychiatric Specialist Hospital, Akure, Dr. Sajo, while appreciating the donor, noted that the facilities donated by Carry My cross, Uk and Mercy for Life, Nigeria are the exact facilities much needed by the inmates of the Psychiatric facility. Dr. Sajo said it is unfortunate that the society leaves for broke mentally challenged people, making it look like there is no hope for them. He said that with the concern, commitment and donation of these two organizations, a hope of recovery for the mentally challenged is steady and gradual.

The world mental health day, October 10th is set aside by the World Health Organization (WHO) to celebrate mental health victims and patients all over the world. In Africa, nay Nigeria, there is huge discrimination against people suffering from mental health and once the symptoms of mental health occurs in an individual, he or she is abandoned by family and friends, thus the essence of this day for those who are mentally challenged is to sound the trumpet on rooftops that mental illness is like any other health challenges, which is curable with the provision of appropriate care and medical attention, as well as the much needed love for the sick by the patient’s family in particular, and the society in general.