…I thought it is for APC widows but now I see it is false- unregistered widow laments

…I have not seen this kind of awesome palliatives before- Olori Olubaka

By Mary Agidi

The Akoko South West Local Government Area Secretariat at Oka Akoko in Ondo State was filled to the brim today with widows in eagerness to receive their palliatives from the wife of the Governor Excellency, Arabinrin Betty Anyanwu-Akeredolu.

The widows, both young and old were comfortably seated to receive the palliatives, while some were accompanied by their relatives, others came on their own.

Immediately the distribution of the palliatives commenced, some women,who were doubting Thomases initially, quickly rushed to register for the initiative in order to benefit.

One of such women, Mrs Bose Akadiri said she had thought it was meant for only APC widows but now, she could see for herself that the items are meant for everyone.

“I heard it is for APC widows in our wards and the items are very small. So I just came here to see but now, I think they are wrong. I will go and snap passport now and do the registration online. They told us to do that in order to get the items”, she said.

As the distribution was on going, the women could not hide their excitement at the awesome items and the song “Iyaniyawa o, Iya tio labawon rara, iya niyawa” (Our mother is a good mother. She is a mother without blemish) filled the air.

The Queen of His Royal Majesty, the Olubaka of Oka, Olori Adejumoke Adeleye, who was on ground to observe the exercise, was overwhelmed when she saw the items and the distribution process.

“I have not seen this kind of palliative before. This is marvelous and fantastic. What Arabinrin gave us in this state, no wife of Governor has done this for us before. I have not seen this before”, the queen exclaimed, praying for Arabinrin Betty Akeredolu to continue to lead the women of the state for the next four years.

“May she not become a widow. All the women here are joyous and praying for her”, she added.

Reacting to the excitement among the widows and their prayers, the First Lady reassured them that the dividends of democracy for them would not stop at the palliatives, saying that it was going to be a continuous process.

She assured them that they would soon start receiving credit alert as part of the dividends.

Represented by the Senior Special Assistant to the governor on Gender, Research and Documentation, Mrs Temitope Daniyan, Arabinrin reiterated her commitment to women empowerment in the state.

“We have given about 700 widows palliatives and 10 BEMORE girls. The women of Akoko South were so glad to receive this palliative. They were not expecting this and some of them never believed because it has never happened in the history of Ondo state. But when we began to give out the palliatives, they were happy and overwhelmed.

” This programme is not a one-off programme. It will come in phases. Some people are already asking when will they get alert. They should just calm down. Alert will come. We have series of programmes for the widows of Ondo state. Her Excellency has affirmed that the widows of Ondo state will suffer no more.

They should just be calm. They will be getting the dividends of democracy as events unfold” she assured Ondo widows.

Aside the 700 widows given palliatives today, the exercise still continues in the same local government tomorrow, due to he huge number of registered widows.

The distribution of palliatives will then move to Akoko North East on Saturday.