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Building a more inclusive future, Betty Anyanwu-Akeredolu reinforces the position of Melinda Gates

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Because she’s a staunch advocate for women & Girlchild does not mean she’s men-hater. Rather, she knows the violation of women’s rights, subjugation & gender bias. She could not have been a man-hater and yet keep a successful home for decades.

Instead, Betty Anyanwu-Akeredolu is practically prepared for a showdown with men who think highly elevated of themselves to the detriment of women in this clime.

For gender parity, it must be equally equal for both sex. Sound judicial pronouncement of the supreme court has not erased the mentality and cultural stereotype that lowers to background female gender. We have Male chauvinists in their majority increasingly becoming a threat to the society.

To stem this odd opinion and feeling of higher status, Arabinrin in her capacity has expanded the scope of orientation with men cutting their clothes and ego to sizes not above intolerance, infringement or, breach of rights belonging to female counterpart.

For Mrs. Akeredolu, women are the pivot and fulcrum of any evolving society. Of course, International instruments and protocols have validated the place of women in the society far from dark age and medieval times.

Ondo State, therefore, is a test case with the Yellow Card (SGBV). Do not violate or, take the option of violence against the female folks. Tame, and resist the urge or, temptation to act contrary. It could be very dangerous with a woman’s right activist in Arabinrin who is deploying all arsenals to protect, preserve and project the place of women in the society that has been undermined, ridiculed and diminished by men with mean worth.

As you all know, Mrs Akeredolu is catching them young through BEMORE her pet project among other brilliant initiatives, and teaching self reliance, self esteem, self confidence, courage, resilience and competence through technology and other socially inclined platforms.

With Arabinrin, there’s security for the women in our society against humiliation, victimization, stagnation, subjugation and reckless discrimination. Mama-digital as fondly called is akin to parity, equity and equality for both gender. The affirmation of the place of women in a male-dominated, male-centric and centred society is challenging but not impossible for change.

Olasumbo Faseesin, Esq.

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