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Buhari/Osinbajo Solidarity Forum: Nigerians Need to know the truth

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Nigeria at this present moment is under the circulation of falsehood, lies and untrue news against the personalities of President Muhammadu Buhari and Prof Yemi Osinbajo. This is so because the political play in the nation and its spectrum have them labeled and targeted for the 2019 elections .

Various sets of opposition who are ready to canvass support for themselves and off the present administration are ready to achieve their aims with the sponsoring of lies and negative propaganda. The opposition in the country are gallantly ready to brand falsehoods as the trutb, spreading it around through their agents and media outlets they sponsor.

With this, amongst many other reasons, Buhari/Osinbajo Solidarity Forum stands to negate any form of slander and false news.

In the wisdom of Abraham Lincoln, he opined that “Truth is generally the best vindication against slander”. Of course the slander is everywhere and Nigerians must get acquainted with the truths about the present administration as against all forms of castigating news that has no firm stand.

It will interest Nigerians to know that President Buhari led government has been imputing her best towards the realization of the dream of a better Nigeria. The government is doing just this and we can all see this in the unveiling of various developmental projects and innovations void of diversion into personal gains like we used to have it by the past administrators.

We must keep reminding Nigerians that the incapability and personal interests the past governments engaged to rule Nigeria before Buhari/Osinbajo administration took over lead us here, we should never be tired to hear this. Not undermining the fact that the present leadership has been clearing the mess, the mess has gone so viral that it becomes so a tedious task that the government is finding very deep-grown but must ensure it is cleared. These are not stories, they are facts that we need to know as Nigerians who should not believe in earsays and slanders.

We must be aware that the past government failed to tackle the insecurity challenges facing Nigerians especially in the North East. Bornu, Yobe and Adamawa that used to be the central targets and victims of Boko Haram operation.

They killed thousands of innocent souls, abducted our girls, women and countrymen, forcefully mandated and oppressed them under the duress of guns and ammunitions and so many other atrocities under the nose of a government and party. The then government became so powerless to tackle this challenge but interestingly BuhariOsinbajo administration has been tackling it and the change is glaring.

We need to tell Nigerians the truth that the employment opportunity that the then government came up with was a branded means to fund their campaigns then. We are all life witnesses to count the number of lives that got lost during the process and how they fooled Nigerians, it is so pitiable and saddening.

BuhariOsinbajo administration promised to provide job opportunities and employ Nigerians, this they are doing and they will keep doing – we are all aware of the N power projects as well as the huge investment inv the youth corpers.

BuhariOsinbajo administration promised to feed students of government owned schools across the nation. The truth of it is that the National Home Grown School Feeding Programme is under active operation. Students are being fed across states of the nation. This is a promise kept and an assurance that this government can be trusted with another years to paddle the affairs of the nation.

The power sector of the country witnessed a tremendous change with the increase of megawatt to 7000mw for the first time in the history of the nation despite vandalization and militant attacks on the supply factories. This could be realised as a result of commitment, proper management and resilience of the government to deliver her promises of 24hours power supply. The truth is that the government is in verge of its realisation with the landmark achievements recorded so far.

The truth that Nigerians must know is that Agricultural sector of our nation is totally exposed to a complete change. The change that prompted increase in production of what we consume by Nigeria herself, the change that brought about construction and put in place factories useful for the sector, the change that arrived us at decrease in number of food importation, the change that makes Nigeria export agricultural products to other countries, the change that ensured our farmers get loans and purchase fertilizers at the lowest price ever and a change that led to a total and complete believe in Nigeria agricultural sector. These are nothing but truths.

Nigeria economy fell into recession not because of BuhariOsinbajo administration’s negligence but as a result of the past government’s devotion to corruption and high-handedness in handling the affairs of the nation. The BuhariOsinbajo administration took the challenge and took the economy out of recession. This is a truth that we must share and spread across, not misinformations going around just to blackmail the personalities of President Muhammadu Buhari and Prof. Yemi Osinbajo.

These giant strides and many notable others are recorded by a government under 3 years. Nigerians are wise to read out of the box and even beyond. Nigerians can make true affirmation to the good works of this government.

Admirably, Nigerians are confident of this government and will entrust with another term in continuity of the assignment.

We at BuhariOsinbajo Solidarity Forum believe that false alarm, untrue news, slanders, misinformations and innuendo will not diminish the value and true love Nigerians have in the present leadership.

It is our strongest assurance that a failed government that Nigerians sent packing in 2015 will not come again to mess the nation up. We are aware of their split dissents who got remodified in name and image, Nigerians can not be fooled and we will keep calling attentions and enlightening Nigerians about the TRUTHS.

We are all confident that a businessman will always demand and strive on the line of making profit. The business if managing Nigeria is to bring her to the place of profitable development to the nation and its citizens . The nation needs a devoted and committed mind and BuhariOsinbajo administration has proved beyond doubt to convince Nigerians.

On this note, we urge that the spirit should remain and should never be shaken. We should rally round, embrace the truths and spread it across. Come 2019, victory is certain.

God bless the Indomitable will of Nigerians!

Released By:
AbdulAzeez Abdulmaleek
Deputy Head, Media and Publicity

Femi Omole, Head Media and Publicity

Liberty Badmus, Convener

For: Buhari Osinbajo Solidarity Front. Wednesday 17th of January, 2018.

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