Tony Elumelu said and I quote. The only way to lift people out of Poverty is to democratize luck and institutionalise opportunities. This is what Arabinrin Betty Anyanwu-Akeredolu is currently doing for 250 Girls in Ondo state with her 2019 BEMORE Program. Ten years from now, the news from the state people refer to as a civil service state will be erased as professionals will take over everywhere in the areas of ICT, Solar and Entrepreneurship.

I was at the TEF FORUM in Abuja last month. We had a three hours interaction with our Founder, Mr Tony Elumelu. He shared a story of how someone gave him a banking job even when he was not that qualified for it but the employer believed in his ability to deliver. Years later, at 27 he became a Branch Manager. You say luck? Yes… Luck that met preparation.

As I’ve said sometimes last month, the ongoing BEMORE Program is currently the Largest Summer Bootcamp for Girls in Nigeria. It’s not just the largest but the most impactful. The areas of focus of the Bootcamp are Solar, ICT and Entrepreneurship. These programs were carefully chosen because the nature of work has changed worldwide.

The conversations at United Nations today centres on renewable and clean energy of which SOLAR tops the list. What BEMORE has done is to key into this revolution by training young girls who will take over the provision of these services when needed as they’ve been trained not just on assembly but installation of Solar Panels and its components.

Realising that we are currently in an ICT powered world, ICT also became an integral part of the BEMORE Bootcamp. The programs have been designed to capture beginners with zero knowledge of computer and Internet tools but that’s a thing of the past as these girls are being immersed in the rudimentary processes of ICT in 14 days.

Mrs Akeredolu could have chosen to distribute indomie or bucket and mopping sticks to these girls as Politicians are known to do but she believed that she needs to impact her society by leveling up children of the poor with that of the rich it’s the same thing Tony Elumelu did for me and others by choosing to support our business with funds. Its the same thing Arabinrin is doing with BEMORE.

I know she might not be a fan of blowing her trumpet by buying the media like people do even when they are sharing innanities like indomie, stove and kerosene but for some of us who have heard what she is doing in Ondo. We will write about it. Not because of today but because of those that might not know that Arabinrin is moving mountains and birthing ICT, Solar and Entrepreneurship giants in Ondo state.

Come this Saturday, a new set of BEMORE Girls will graduate from the Bootcamp making it over 1000 in three years while the camp will remain closed until the summer of 2020. To Arabinrin Betty Anyanwu-Akeredolu, I say welldone.

Adesina Tosin Nathaniel