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BEMORE GIRLS participated in the Summit on Technology Development held on January 9, 2020 in Owerri, Imo State. THEME: THE 4TH INDUSTRIAL REVOLUTION AND IDENTIFYING OPPORTUNITIES FOR IMO STATE. Find below the report of BEMORE Girl Kate on the summit. Girls can BEMORE💪🏿 #bemoreempowered.

Report Presented By Iheloghara Kate On industrial Revolution And Identifying Opportunities Training Powered by Ministry Of Technology Development Imo State

Mr. Emeka Okeyo who was the speaker and CEO of Knowledge Scientist Cymantiks Limited started his lecture with a preamble that the 21st century skills are no more related to Manpower, that according to research 85% of Manpower can be automated. He mentioned that the 21th century skills include
*Critical Thinking
*Emotional Intelligence
*Problem Solving

We were made to understand that these skills are the process of creating new ideas, improving business/Job opportunities which robots can’t do. Robots can help do work faster but they cannot be as creative as Human

How We Can Tap In To The Skills
*Online courses, it is important we open ourselves to learning
*Communication, it is important we seek questions and answers
*Collaboration, Partnership is always the key, Seek collaboration with professionals

He talked about Knowledge Representation In Data
He defined it as an incorporation of data or findings about how humans solve problems and present knowledge in other to design formalism

He defined data as an observation, that it does not only mean figures, Observations in an environment can also be data and observation is a perception of entity

Mr. Emeka Okeyo suggested that Governments, Companies and individuals should be intentional to the following as they pave way for opportunities and visibility

*Open Data:An idea that is made freely available for everyone to use and publish without restrictions from copyright and other restriction agencies

*Data Economy: A raw material in which data is gathered, organized and exchanged by network vendors for the purpose of deriving Value.it also promotes research to enhance economy

*Data Flow: is the transfer of data(ideas) from one’s network platform to the public for the purpose of visibility

Urban Computing
Mr. Emeka defined it as an interdisciplinary field which pertains to the study and application of technology to urban, it is applicable to the following fields
*Environment:Urban Computing improves the quality of life by improving the environment people live in by ensuring air quality and reducing air pollution
*Health: Mobile computing devices can provide informations in regards to public and personal health, it can also help to track or predict the spread of disease or epidemic

The Commissioner for Technology development Imo State, Hon. Meekam Kwuenaihum Mgbenwelu concluded by stating that the benefits of the training are to help Imo Youths THINK, Help develop Technology Solutions in regards to health, Agriculture, Transportation etc

He said that the ministry, is ready to support and work with any individual that has any special talent or ideas in Technology, citing one Mr. Ndubuisi of Imo State University who was sponsored by Facebook for one week intensive training in Kenya because of his outstanding ideas in Mech. Engineering

He also said that the Ministry is open and ready to collaborate with Institutions and NGOs to see that ICT is improved in the State just like other states, stating Lagos State as a case study.

In attendance were,
Companies etc

*From the question and Answer section, Students were excited of the new innovation of ICT in the state
*The number of male folks in attendance outnumbered the female’s with a great margin

Thank you

***About Kate Iheloghara (left). She is a student of Federal Polytechnic Nekede (Biochemistry, HND Final) popularly known as “BEMORE GIRL” being an alumnus of BEMORE Summer Bootcamp, Class 2017, that trains young girls in ICT and Solar technology which bridges the gap in STEM and grooms them to become future female technology leaders. Her leadership qualities at a young age have earned her a seat on the Board of Trustees of Ada Emeabiam Development Centre (ADEDEC).

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