Before I shared my experience, I will like to appreciate her Excellency Arabinrin Betty Ayanwu Akeredolu,for the kindness,love and caring she bestows to us.
Through this Bemore foundation, have travelled to 3 different states:IMO state,Abuja(FCT),Oyo state.
As a young girl,I never dreamt of travelling out of my state so early like this but Her Excellency made it a surprise for me.
Although most of the bemore girls are not her own blood relation or even related to her in anyway but this woman with dynamic nature took us like her own biological grand daughters.
Mummy you life do make a difference.
A role model to us.
Your own administration is a landmark to my own life and community.
Mummy words cannot experience my appreciation.
Mummy thank you.

My experience in the south west first ladies rally was fun and is one of my memorable experience or event in my life.that is my first time of travelling to Ibadan and forth time of travelling out of my state. Have heard a lot about how rally and stadium looks like but have not been there or experience such in my life before.
During my experience in Ibadan I saw a lot of dignitaries like Her Excellency vice president wife Mrs dolapo osinbajo,some south west governors,south west first ladies,APC chieftains,movies actors and actress and thousands of people in the rally.
I saw some scaring masquerade with big buttocks entertaining people with their different tribal dance.
I observed that Ibadan shoprite is the most longest shoprite have ever seen.I saw the ancient Mapo hall which my geography teacher told us about in one of our lessons in school.
In the first place,I thought the rally will be somehow dangerous for a young girl like me but I found that it is an eyes opener and challenge for me to work hard to be like those dignitaries security men and people were running after.
Due to some rumors or erroneous stories have heard that politics is a dirty game makes me lost interest in politics before.But after the rally I was challenged that I can even rule my world.
Although politics is not a dirty game with the way I view the rally that day.
That rally was educative and awesome to me.
I heard a lot of manifestos which president Muhammadu buhari achieved in his tenure like trader moni,N-power,airport revolution,railway construction,daily food for primary school pupils all over the country and a lot.
I heard about the new slogan of APC.
APC!!!!!!! next level.
Just to summarized the whole essay,my experience in Ibadan was interesting and educative to me.
APC!!next level.
4+4 next level.
Say baba,say buhari….

-Jegede Marvelous.