Firstly, I will like to appreciate our dear grandma, HER EXCELLENCY ARABIRIN BETTY ANYANWU AKEREDOLU,,for the privilege given unto me, I know that by age am not worthy but through grace she made me worthy to be one of our her techy girls,,I will always pray for your health and well-being
Some people sophisticated me not to go into politics but grandma displayed it to me that it is what I should practice
I haven’t seen any actor or actress once but grandma made it possible for me to see actors and actresses ”eye ball to eye ball” immediately I saw them I felt so so so special because grandma did it!!!!!
I was also privileged to see National Dignitaries whaaooo!! It was stunning seeing the wife of our vice president HER EXCELLENCY DOLAPO OSINBAJO and wives of south west governors
Amazingly,,,when our grandma stepped in, everyone not even ondo state women alone (I observed) were happy to see her,,, have been seeing different masquerades and the way they dance, but the one I saw during the rally was whaoo,,I saw the one with big buttock dancing here and there and another one putting on white attire just like an angel,,they entertained us and I was happy viewing,,,
I really enjoyed my stay,,, after the rally when we got home we had our dinner and a nice rest
Before we departed,, we the bemore girls,chief matron,metron Rejoice and our one and only grandma had little conversation, so our chief matron told the bemore girls to practice politics just like our grandma
Grandma also taught us how to be compatible when we are in public, how to sit when we are in public, she taught us two styles in which have been practicing and I promise to continue and teach others
In a nut shell, am using this medium to advice my fellow BEMORE girls to practice politics just like our grandma, and don’t forget to tell others to vote for PMB/PYO
4+4=Next level..