By ‘Debo Ikuesewo-Akinbami

May comes in styles, and it does differently with especial imports for folks. May holds, besides historical specifics, varied volumes of consequences for many. Even dates in May dot the fronts with postals of profound events that have particularly shaded calendaring essence. Although first day in May acquires ritual swell in dosage that dwarfs peer figures essentially for its putative worth to work, yet it pretends to veil other landmarks that harbor her belly.

By this gauge, attempt is made to provoke the hollow of May, perhaps to purge it of other deeds and or to cause deliberate historical refresh of a sort. Either way, both records and recall replete this day of May with evocations, such as these scanty incidents: On this day, 1997, British voters give the Labour Party, led by Tony Blair, a landslide victory in British parliamentary elections, after virtually 20 years of conservative government. Same day, 1961, Castro banned elections in Cuba, saying “The revolution has no time for elections.” and telling the 10,000’s who attended the May Day Celebrations Cuba is a socialist country, and that all Roman Catholic priests would be expelled and all Roman Catholic and private schools would be nationalized.

Germany Field Marshall, Hinderburg, right wing conservative was elected as the president of Germany on this day in May, 1925. The Empire State Building in New York Officially opened on this day in May, 1931. This day in May, 1977, a march by 100,000 May Day protesters turned into a gunfight between rival leftist groups and 33 people were left dead from the fighting. The given historical events and a longer list of unsaid watersheds qualify the month of May for the consequential rung it claims in Gregorian numbering.

Otherwise named the Maia’s month, May (Maia) which has 31 days and mean “the great one” is the Italic goddess of spring, the daughter of Faunus, and wife of Vulcan -god of fire and metal creations (in Roman mythology) and counterpart of Greek Hephaestus. This is telling as to why the Month is marked for prolificity and marked more for notable births that lend loud credence and claim to fertility. On the list of noble births (of men and materials) May has done to human history and for which it has helped humanity to potency, one it did to Nigeria , Africa’s palpable frontage, is profound, a profundity that has since proven its own merit and axiomatic efficacies in early measures so that the writer’s opinion or emotion does not win weight, or a critic’s probable reference to hagiography or its equivalent does not take beyond a cursory.

Olufemi Nazheem Mimiko, a polymath academic becomes the subject of profundity who by design, shares equal instruments of mortal birth with a colossal political actor and former governor of Ondo state, Southwest, Nigeria, Olusegun Rahman Mimiko, a situation that seems to do the latter larger leaps, more for political provocations. A Full Bright Scholar and sturdy Professor of politics and Diplomacy, Femi was born in the Month of May and on this date of May- the first day of May- to deserve this batch of bashing.

Mimiko’s birth is not the real issue, core spur are the subject’s mortal actions and inactions that have inspired certain issues and points of rigour, some purposely and some by happenstance. Few of these issues, which have sprouted darling debates, not any ephemeral inclination, did motivate this effort, and we dare check, even with obscure risks that are worth defying.

If early foray into the curious corner of the known unknown, either by choice and or providential programme must be part of a checking one must make to appreciate a personality’s glue to pedagogy and the colossal wrought he has brought to the industry of mental materials, or the hearty formative formulations that is common in youngsters before my time, which took pointed punctuations with the Mimiko’s , let’s note Femi took a lonely lane as a lad, luring himself through to worth on this route against paternal preference and influence for the other science as he held his convictions as sureties through forks and eddies.

There are convictions that stayed with him through the years, even before and through western watering, shaping and aiding early scholarly initiations and philosophies that will not compromise facts that further ideas. Yes, why a debonair with ranks? Why being seismic investigator of themes that approves as it pursues scholarship and leaves better deals to better men. Why since sojourn with youthful muscles where he has known and inhabited both harbour and habits of the world of ideals? Why being this who Nigerian talent who strove to preserve the swollen sanity and productive insanity that scholarship sells, all within the walls of will? Why living with the controversies of the Ideal scholar?

As mind seeks to find and foot answers to certain issues, the making and nature of a daring performer evolves into consciousness, leaving with fuller queries as fuller replies in our wordy worry to separate or differentiate between cognitive finesse and putative punitive pacts, between loathing for lethargy and impatience with beatified sterility in a haven that must sell itself to heal a world so bewitched and yet begotten by demagogues.

When our world, our own part of it became the desecrate that we celebrate, remedial guts of a few became the aberration that it seeks to heal, leaving dangerous message for a generation that must drawn needlessly before bold ideas. But the attempts lay bare about today as evidences of difference in targets and talents, irrespective. Even today, in May, the stakes again spring up with fume and fangs and become higher before our own eyes. It’s again May. We pray!

Femi Mimko