Wife of the Ondo State Governor, Arabinrin Betty-Anyanwu Akeredolu has stressed the need to invest massively in science and technology in Nigeria so as to be able to combat outbreak of diseases.

Mrs. Akeredolu who was reacting to the compliance to the ban of gathering by the religious groups as directed by the governments, affirmed that containing the coronavirus pandemic was beyond religion, but a scientific approach rather than prayers and fasting.

Indeed, “Koro” has humbled the world’s religions and Nigerians whose lives depend on praying and fasting for miracles to happen in this digital world of science and technology.

According to her, religion, which some believers had been using as a reason for killing fellow humans, had not been able to prevent or eliminate Coronavirus which had left so many people dead within the shortest period of its outbreak across the globe.

“When I tell people that I am more than convinced that religion is man-made, a bastion of sexism, subjugates women, festers gender inequality, stifles progressive thinking, retards development and invariably adds little or no value to our lives, I was called unprintable names.

“I remain unshakeable with my conviction. “Koro” has proved me right to a large extent.

“Nigerians, especially, have invested so much in religion that amounted to nothingness. Period!

“Now that trouble (“Koro”) has come to the world, where do we look up to, Science or Religion?”. It is glaring that the foreign religions (Christianity, Islam etc) that we kill each other for in Nigeria have failed the world in this season of anomie and only Science not Prayer Mountains will save mankind, that’s why we need to set our priorities right and invest more in Science and less in Religion”. She said.

Mrs. Akeredolu noted that the need to start raising the future leaders in science and technology birthed her BEMORE Summer Bootcamp initiative, and urged Nigerian governments to prioritise scientific research.