Ondo State governor, Arakunrin Oluwarotimi Akeredolu, SAN, has declared that the proposed Port of Ondo (Deep Sea) will change the landscape of the state and create massive job opportunities by the time it comes into reality.

The governor said the Port of Ondo is an attempt to plant a tree under which shade some of the state executive Council members, may not sit. Akeredolu added that his administration is building for the next generation.

Governor Akeredolu spoke at the Community and Stakeholders Forum and the submission of the report of the Port of Ondo (Deep Sea) held at the International Culture and Events Center (DOME) on Thursday, 24th January, 2019.

He said “We are doing things for generation to come. I have always believed that there should be a beginning, we have started, there is no going back. In the number of years we will be here, we will pursue port of Ondo

“I was privileged to travel with President Buhari to Netherlands. We went on a boat and visited the ports, immediately I told him, if anything like this must happen in Nigeria, it must be in Ondo state. Not only that, the President has said it most of the times that he knows that Ondo is the right place for a deep Sea Port. “

Governor Akeredolu who warned that stakeholders must not play politics with the Dep Sea Port, said it’s not the making of the state that its where it’s today.

He said ” We should not play politics with everything. It’s not our making but providence has put us where we are today. Where we are today, near water, it’s the best place to have a deep sea port.”

The Governor further explained that his administration dream for the port is to serve as a conduit for goods from across Nigeria not only in Ondo State.

He said the state was only meant to prepare the ground and do the feasibility and the bankability of the Port for the Federal Government.

“Our own as a state is to prepare the ground and show the feasibility and bankability. Can Ondo State do it? NO, Ondo State can not build or own a port. But there are many people that are willing to invest.

“The Chinese , Dutch and a whole others are interested because this will be West Africa port not just for the country. It’s not like we are looking for money to build a port but we are looking for investors and they will invest here

“We will have the port declared before the end of this year. As from next week, we will move and get that declaration soon. This port of Ondo will change the landscape of Ondo totally. It will mark the beginning of the greatness of Ondo. ” He said.

The governor received the feasibility study report of the Port Ondo from the MD / CEO of MTBS Netherlands, Mr. Chime Asonye. The MTBS project leader, Mr. Willem Slenderbroek was also at the event.