By Femi Salako

In the city of Lagos fifty one years ago, a baby girl Oluwakemi was born into the family of Chief and Chief (Mrs) Isaac Adeniyi.
Little Olukemi started her elementary education at the Army Primary School, Mokola, Ibadan where her mother was a teacher and later proceeded to St. Louis Grammar School, Ikere-Ekiti in September, 1977. She came out in flying colours in June 1982. She had her first work experience at Federal University of Technology as a Library Assistant and later at St. Josephs College, Ondo as a Laboratory Assistant. Olukemi got admission into the Obafemi Awolowo University, Ile-Ife to study Education in French Language in 1983, where she bagged B.A. (Ed.) French in 1987. For her NYSC, she was posted to Imo State, Owerri.
Olukemi met her heartthrob, His Excellency, Dr. Olusegun Mimiko, the Executive Governor of Ondo State, then a medical practitioner managing his own Clinic, Mona Mediclinic, Ondoand got married to him in August 1990. The marriage is blessed with promising and beautiful children.
Mrs Olukemi Mimiko started her career as a class teacher in Jubilee Community Grammar School, Ondo in 1989. She however crossed to the Civil Service first as an Education Officer in 2000 and later as an Administrative Officer.
As a good wife who should always stand solidly behind her husband, she quit the Civil Service in 2002 when the political atmosphere then was becoming hostile.
Mrs Olukemi Mimiko is a priceless gem whose humility and quiet nature has endeared her to all and sundry most especially from the home front. Her husband had had cause to refer to her even in social gatherings as a wife God sent purposely to come and pamper him; she blends well with his idiosyncrasies as a politician.
Mrs Olukemi Mimiko has an amiable personality, a common streak runs through her relationship with other human beings the philosophy of loving and giving selflessly. She is a ready giver no matter the cost. A loyal wife, a caring, considerate and kind mother who sacrificially loves her associates and all members of her family.
An adage says, behind every successful man, there is a good wife, so it has been with Mrs Olukemi Mimiko who is indeed a tireless goal getter and an achiever in her home; always positive and forward looking. She has a sense of empathy and dogged pursuit of the principles she believes in. Though not far gone in years, she has been able to nurture and mentor many young boys and girls.
While in St. Louis Grammar School, Ikere-Ekiti, she was a darling to all her classmates; gentle, humble and submissive to her seniors, a quality she still exhibits till today and which is an asset to her in the task of being the number one woman in Ondo State. Olukemi was very sociable and engaged in many dancing competitions. At school she was the Orange house Captain in 1981/82 session. She stood out among her peers as a child brought up from a disciplined Christian home.
Olukemi Mimiko was always going about issues with a high sense of responsibility, a trait which made both her juniors and seniors to naturally like her. Looking at her, it is very glaring that Her Excellency is an epitome of beauty, an eloquent speaker who uses correct words and matured language in every occasion.
Her Christian life is worthy of emulation; she depicts King Solomons description of a virtuous woman. Above all, she is a fire brand prayer warrior. She enjoys reading and traveling to explore new horizon though she lacks the time to so indulge herself now.
Mrs. Olukemi Mimiko is a perfect role model for any young female adult.

Having weather the storm with her husband in those days of political struggles, the ebony skinned beauty believes that giving adequate support to the man called Iroko should be paramount in the heart of any dedicated wife. This she has been doing by holding the forte effectively at home without neglecting her official assignment whenever the need arises.

Mrs. Kemi Mimiko’s pet project Maternal Pulse Foundation has successfully giving support to family of multiple births, provide medical assistance to indigent patients, particularly cancer, mentorship of school age pupils, with particular focus on the girl child and women empowerment and capacity building.

Commensurate reward is expected to await every good deed of any individual. Many acts of uncommon kindness rendered so far by Mrs Olukemi Mimiko Will definitely not go unrewarded by God. It is also a guaranteed truth that thousands of people whose bitter tears had been replaced with laughter by Mrs Kemi Mimiko through the medium of her Maternal Pulse Foundation will keep found memories of this rare woman and remain appreciative of her unusual kind gestures.