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Apologise to Nigerians, PDP tells Buhari

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The Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) has called on the ruling All Progressives Congress (APC) to apologise to Nigerians for its misrule in the last one year.

Speaking in an interview, the Ondo State Publicity Secretary of the PDP, Mr Banji Okunomo noted that the APC deployed highly deceptive measures to bring itself to power in 2015.
He noted that if not for the propagandas and lies encapsulated in the APC’s change mantra, the party would jot have got popular votes at the last presidential polls.
According to Okunomo, the APC has failed in all its promises to the Nigerian masses and as such should apologise.
He stated that all that the APC used to destroy the PDP administration are now what it attempts to make Nigerians accept willy-nilly.
His words: “Subsidy removal which was protested against and vehemently resisted by the APC has been effected by the same APC less than one year after the administration came on board.
“This has brought about calamities amongst Nigerians. It is sardonic, demonic and pathetic to see innocent Nigerians go through excruciating pains and hardship occasioned by the incompetent APC administration.
“Consequently, the many anti-people policies of the APC has led to serious economic crisis that has placed Nigerians between the devil and the deep blue sea.
“All the lies and propaganda orchestrated by the APC hooding Nigerians into believing in their change mantra has turned out to be a direct invitation to calamity”, he said.
Speaking further, Okunomo noted that the insensitivity of the APC government has had a lot of negative effect on the prices of commodities.
“The prices of commodities especially food items and imported goods have skyrocketed. Rice, garri, tomatoes and plantain which are common man’s food are no longer affordable.
“This is the multiplier effect of a mono-economy and over dependence on oil. Unfortunately, the federal government arbitrarily increased the price of oil with no genuine dialogue with all stakeholders in the economic sector.
“This is not only lugubrious but bismal abysmal. It is regrettable and an accident of history. It is unfortunate to have in place a government that is insensitive and unconcerned with the agonising situation of the Nigerian populace.
“There was never anytime in the past, not even during the 16 years of PDP government, has Nigeria experienced this perpetual hardship”, he said.
“We cannot fold our arms and resort to an act of passivity without challenging the draconian administration of the APC”, he noted.
He stated that if the APC cannot offer credible leadership to Nigerians, it should step aside so that there can be opportunity for those who have the requisite capability to govern.

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