It’s always an evening with boys and girls of Emeabiam, with their loving and caring grand ma, Her Excellency, Chief Mrs BettyAnyanwu-Akeredolu, Ada Emeabiam II, Wife of Ondo State Governor.

She has sustained this gesture for over two decades now.

Every child in Emeabiam knows and looks forward to 28 December evening.

Reminiscence: A loving father who gave his daughter wings to fly!

” I organise this annual Xmas children’s party tagged ” an evening with boys and girls of Emeabiam” in continuation of my late father’s legacy, Chief BUB Anyanwu who passed on in 1994. He was a renowned headmaster in the Anglican territory of Owerri zone. My pet name while growing up was “Ada Head” meaning the daughter of a headmaster. He championed education and literacy like crazy and lived his life for the community which he demonstrated by training countless relatives and children of poor parentage in school. He promoted very strongly his belief that education is the sure avenue for climbing the social ladder and out of poverty. He was also gender neutral in the educational pursuit of any child. I say it all the time that my father raised me as a child not as a girl-child and that was largely responsible for who i am today. He told me that i could be what i wanted to be. He gave me the audacity to be bold, confident and dream big. Come to think of it, my father must have been a feminist father. He was a HE4SHE! I didn’t realise it until later in life.

l am a proud headmaster’s daughter

I am proud of my father Chief BUB, the Enyioha of Mbato

Sleep on Papa till we meet and part no more.”

– Arabinrin Betty Anyanwu Akeredolu wrote.

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