I am delighted to welcome all of you here today as witnesses to this solemn occasion. The swearing in of the Hon. Secretary to State Government and the Chief of Staff to the Governor to the oath of allegiance is a statutory government ritual that must be done as part of the commencement of their involvement in government business.

The personalities of these two individuals and the high ranking offices they occupy bear testimony to the significance this administration attaches to excellence and best practices. It is also an evidence of our abiding commitment to devote the best of our efforts to our avowed goal of changing the lives of the people.

With the critical appointments of these gentlemen being sworn in today and that of the five Senior Special Assistants alongside, the business of governance has begun.

Our understanding of the mandate freely given us by the good people of Ondo state is a constant reminder of the huge challenges before us. We know the people of Ondo state want results. They want results which bring progress and prosperity. Results which banish poverty and pains. Results which return hope and confidence to all and sundry. Our people expect total redemption from inertia to opportunities. Our people demand Change.

In setting out to achieve these lofty goal, our administration is conscious of the fact that Change itself is a process. It is a process that must be clearly thought out, clearly articulated and clearly implemented to produce definite and quantifiable results.

To drive this change process, we beleive there is the need for an excellent human resources comprising of experience, competence, vision and confidence. This exactly is the reason we have taken our time to search for men and women with immense capacity to respond to the expectation of the people.

Our Secretary to Government Hon. Ifedayo Abegunde has a pedigree that speaks loud for experience, loyalty and vision. He is urbane, exposed and loyal. As you know he is a consummate politician with an enduring and enviable grassroots appeal.

He served the people of Akure South and North federal constituency as a two time member of the House of Representatives. He is a disciplined party man and an excellent team player whose understanding of the vision and mission of this government convinces us beyond doubt that as Secretary to this government, he will support us to steer the center of government towards effective service delivery. May God help him in his discharge of his duties.

Chief Joel Olugbenga Ale is not only an accomplished bureaucrat, his vast experience in public service has trained him to be steady, focussed and systematic in finding solutions to difficult challenges. He retired from the public service at the peak of his career having taken rounds as a government bureaucracy manager in virtually all the key departments of government. His renown ability as a planner, organiser and enforcer will serve government in great stead at all times in need. May God help him as he discharges his duties.

Ladies and gentlemen, I have no doubt that these men before us today and all others alongside appointed will add value to our efforts at delivering on our promises to the people our state.

At this juncture, let me restate to our people in Ondo State, in particularly to members of our party, the APC, that in due course, many more of our people will be invited to hold other key positions of authority at different levels of government, to serve the best interest of our state.

Our government will continue to reward loyalty, dedication, competence and diligence and as more of such opportunities come, we urge our people to understand that this state needs help and that as patriots, their sacrifice and service to common good remain the only purpose of their involvement in government.

While waiting for such opportunities to come, we wish to appeal for patience with government, renewal of faith in our party and a complete dedication to our promises to the people of our state.

Ladies and gentlemen, may I therefore on your behalf congratulate these gentlemen so appointed and here admitted to serve our people. I charge you to dedicate yourselves to excellence and to commit yourselves to the words of the oath of allegiance which you just took. May you receive help from above to fearlessly, fairly and humbly discharge your duties. And may God almighty guide our steps and bless our dear state.

Thank you for listening.