The Chairman Interministdrial Committee on COVID 19 and Commissioner for Health, Dr Wahab Adegbenro has warned, that any religious organisation that does not obey strictly rules governing the partial lift of ban on religious activities in the state will be closed down.

Adegbenro who said the toll of comfirmed cases in the state has risen to twenty five,said despite the fact that the pandemic is yet to subside, the Governor decided to partially lift the ban on religious activities in the interest of the people.

After monitoring the Jumat Sevices of today, the Commissioner who said the Taskforce gave directives which will bring about better compliance next Jumat, urged religious organisations to play the game according to its rules in the interest of all.

Dr Adegbenro said Churches with large congregations can hold services in batches and each service, should not exceed two hours.

In his words, Muslims are only allowed to meet on Fridays, while Christains can only meet on Sundays, as weekly services and Vigils are prohibited for now.

Social Distancing rules must be strictly adhered to, hugging, hand shake, holding of hands to pray, are forebidden for now.

Attendees at these religious activities must all put on Nose Mask even as Churches must provide Soap and Running Water for hand washing and hand Sanitirzer where posible.

The Health Commissioner added that Churches and Mosques must be decontaminated before and after each service.

Abooluwa Famakinwa
Press Officer Health.