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Achievements of Hon. Agunola Omomowo 100 Days in office

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Recently, the Executive chairman of Ilaje Local Government, Hon Agunola Omomowo clocked 100 days in office. Reflecting on his hundred days in office, Hon Agunola said one thing that had remained constant in his administration was the desire to make a difference in the lives of the electorate who freely gave him their mandate. The chairman said “no doubt, the challenges at this level of government are enormous, considering the fact that it is the closest government to the grassroots.” He however, posited that he had remained courageous and resolute in his quest to ensure that the story changed for good.

The Chairman ascribed the successes recorded so far to the unity of purpose and total support shown by all concerned stakeholders. In his words, “when you carry everybody along, and open up the democratic chance, you will give everybody the opportunity to contribute and they will be able to come to develop and contribute to the progress of the administration.”

Hon Agunola said since he assumed office he had been able to put smiles in faces of the serving workers in the local government, as he had ensured that regular attention was given to their urgent needs thereby fostering good working relationship with the workers to achieve their quests.

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He added that his regime had installed maximum security guarantee in the local government by putting all the security agencies on the alert as the Chairman and Chief Security Officer of the local government, so that the good people of Ilaje would always sleep with their eyes closed. In his statement, “We have shared ideas with the security agents to be proactive and, the issue of security has been taken seriously by me because safety for one is safety for all.”

The Executive Chairman reiterates that the youth are the bedrock society, even our future, and any community that does not do its best to develop the youth is a failed society that will remain under developed. In his words, “So right from inception, I have done my best for the youth of Ilaje local government in the area of job opportunity. For example, arrangements have been put in place to employ the service of over 150 youths across the local government, and each of them will earn at least #10000 and above monthly.”

Hon Agunola further said he had succeeded in commissioning the following life touching projects since he assumed office.
Public toilet at Igbokoda,
Marine police post at Idiogba,
Marine mobile clinic, ambulance
Distribution of exercise books to primary pupils- the life touching projects were instituted by Ilaje USA Texas in partnership with Ilaje local government due to my effort of the Chairman of the local government.

The primary health care sector is not left behind as the impact of the honourable chairman is felt in the Post-Natal section through his amiable wife, Mrs Omomowo Abiola, by donating gift items and cash to new born babies and their mothers at the health centre Igbokoda. He said monthly stipends are also being given to women who delivered two set of twins and triplets respectively during his 100 days in office.

The Chairman while concluding, thanked the good people of Ilaje local government and implore them to continually support and consider the PDP as their choice and vote PDP candidate in the forthcoming governorship election in so as to complete his plans for Ilaje nation.

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