This is the Sunday next to the Sunday of my birthday of June 12th 2016.

tb joshua
tb joshua

Today is the most appropriate time to reach you, my viewers, my members and my partners all over the world, on how to celebrate my June 12th birthday, which comes next Sunday.

In times of joblessness, strikes, hunger, depression and poor economy, the best place to celebrate a birthday is among the sick, the poor, the disadvantaged and the jobless.

The Bible says, come all ye that are weak, sick and disadvantaged and I will give you rest (Matthew 11:28).
As for me, the celebrant, there will be a special healing, deliverance and blessing session, this coming Saturday.

Then on the next day, Sunday, my birthday, we shall use the occasion and moment to listen to their various testimonies and together, we will rejoice with them.This special registration for only the sick people and the oppressed is taking place this coming Wednesday and Friday starting from 10am to 4pm on each day.

I hereby request all my viewers, members of The SCOAN and our partners to join me in this special prayer for their effective deliverance and healing. God bless you as you join me!

On your part, use every blessing God has given you to bless and care for someone who is in need of what you have, including just your mere smile or to tell someone, “I love you” with all your heart.