A Lecture delivered By Honourable Chris Ayebusiwa, Chairman, House Committee on Tertiary Institutions at the 2nd Legislative Summit, Student Union Government, Olusegun Agagu University of Science and Technology (OAUSTECH)

“The Roles of Young Parliamentarians in Effective Governance” A Lecture delivered Honourable Chris Ayebusiwa, Chairman, House Committee on Tertiary Institutions and Member representing Okitipupa Constituency I, Ondo State House of Assembly at the 2nd Legislative Summit of the Legislative Arm of the Student Union Government, Olusegun Agagu University of Science and Technology (OAUSTECH), Okitipupa, on Wednesday August 22, 2023.


I cherish the opportunity to stand before you today to speak to you on the topic that you have carefully chosen. The topic, in my sincere opinion, is both relevant, critical, and of course, timely.

This is not like any regular subject. The occasion is also not the regular one. It therefore means so much to me to say a few things to you on this day on what roles and responsibilities are expected of you as young Parliamentarians.

Greatest Nigeria Students, I have not come to bore you with rhetoric. I want you to realise that your positions today is of leadership. Either as Student Union Executives or the Parliamentary arm, they are leadership positions and leadership come with responsibilities.
It is true that leadership is about responsibilities and that is why it is a big deal. Although we live in a clime that seems to have taken the concept of leadership for granted.

That is why it appears that we are not getting a lot of things right as a nation.
Effective governance is a product of right decisions. It is a function of judicious use of resources. It is also about setting the right goals and making sure that the goals are achieved for the benefits of the people.
But achieving effective governance will continue to be a mirage if we do not take seriously the issue of leadership. The truth is that only responsible leadership can bring about effective governance.

As Parliamentarians, you must realise that, by the virtue of your positions, you are the pillars upon which this institution rest. You must realise that your actions or in-actions will go a long way to shape the future of this great university.
The welfare and the well-being of the body of students must always be your priority. You must strive at all times to make sure that, in whatever you do, in whatever decisions you take, the well-being of the students and the image of your university must be protected.

As parliamentarians, you have to work in harmony with the executive arm of the student leadership. Your role is very critical if the university must be governed effectively. You must play your advisory roles effectively to achieve overall effective governance.

It is your duty as parliamentarians to always call the attention of the presiding executive to errors in policies and procedure. Although, the advice of a parliamentarian is generally not binding on the presiding officer of an assembly but you must always be very firm, sincere and thorough.
Playing your roles in achieving effective governance is something that is very fundamental and critical. The way you play the roles will go a long way to determine the quality of leadership that your institution will get and, by extension, the quality of leadership our state and country will get.

You must see and utilise this platform as parliamentarians and representatives of students as an opportunity for leadership preparation. Groom yourself on this platform intellectually and ideologically. Make the right decisions and choices that will add values to you and your university.

Discourage all forms of violence or any act that is capable of damaging your image and that of your university. And do not forget that, ultimately, it is your university, and you are going to bear the certificate at the end of the day. This is why it is important to make sure that you defend the university in every way.

On a personal note, as your representative at the state House of Assembly, trust that I will always be around for support in any possible way. As Chairman, House Committee on Tertiary Institutions, you can count on my support, not just for the student body but also for the university.
But I charge you all to begin to work towards achieving effective governance, not just for your University but for the country at large. And the journey starts today. I thank you all for listening.

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