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Address by Her Excellency, Betty Anyanwu-Akeredolu at the Blissful Christian Home 2019 Family Conference on the 16th of November, 2019

Ladies and gentlemen, up to this very moment, we continue to live in an imbalanced and unprosperous society because we misunderstood the concept of a healthy family. We thought a healthy family is one where the Father is the lord of all and every other member of the family, including the wife, are mere subjects and has no right to an opinion. As a community, we favor norms and traditions that work to keep the woman’s mouth shut, her hands tied and her wings clipped. Or do we not know that these are the things that happen when we do not respect our wives’ opinion, when we subject them to domestic chores without assistance and when we instruct them on what career pathway to follow. Respecting and valuing your wife does not mean you are weak as a man, it simply shows the genuine and Christ-like love you have for your wife and family. Indeed, no society can be progressive when there is no mutual respect and genuine love in the family.
I must speak to what is currently happening in our society and I expect everyone to take action. As some of you may know, I always leverage on my position as the First Lady to promote a healthy family where both parents are actively involved in the care and development of their kids. As one of our activities in this regard, we included a family game that requires the participation of the father, mother and their toddler in the 2nd FOWOSO summit scheduled to hold on the 4th and 5th of December, 2019. The family game, known as crawlers’ competition, is aimed at strengthening the bond between both parents and their kids. In preparation to the event, my team went to all the local governments in Ondo state to select families that will participate in the crawlers’ race during the FOWOSO summit. Their visit to the local governments has really shown that most men are unconcerned in the care and development of their children. From the reports, I learned that there was lack of bonding between parents, that’s where both parents showed up for the competition. In most cases there were no fathers and in cases where the fathers made themselves available, they cared very little. You will begin to realize that the problem of this country is fundamental! Little did I know that this crawlers’ competition would open up the dysfunctional and lack of love and affection within the fabrics of the Nigerian society!

We have found ourselves in this unhealthy situation and we must put all effort to correct. We must return to the path of righteousness, the path where every individual, regardless of gender or race is valued and equally respected. This path of righteousness requires a conscious and conscientious effort from both men and women. The men must man-up and show true love to their family by supporting their wives and kids to achieve whatever they want to achieve in life. A man must work hand-in-hand with his wife to care for the kids. The best of kids are ones who were jointly raised in love by both parents. Childcare is not the duty of the woman alone, it is the joint responsibility of both parents.
With a clear understanding that the family shapes the society and realizing how far we are from a perfect society, I have always believed that it is important to educate men and women on how to build a strong and prosperous family. It is highly commendable that for past 9 years, The Blissful Christian Home has taken it as a responsibility to promote good family values through its yearly Family Conference. I can authoritatively say that this conference has since 2012 impacted thousands of families in Ondo state and beyond. I will like to thank Rev. John Oladapo for giving me the opportunity to be a part of this conference and I am sure all that will be learned today will position every family for success and eventually lead to prosperous society.
I hereby declare the Blissful Christian Home 2019 Family Conference open in Jesus Name.

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