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Tribute to Asiwaju Benson Akindeju

The mighty oak has fallen!

Asiwaju Benson Akindeju, you are our own mighty oak tree in many ways, you were an embodiment of towering strength, warmth, morale, endurance and a storehouse of wisdom. You had a big heart and a cheerful attitude towards everyone, your joyful disposition was infectious. You will forever occupy a special spot in our hearts. Your presence brought laughter and vibrancy. You loved to be around people and loved people around you. You were never too busy neither did you take life too seriously.

You left a legacy of love and communal living, you impacted many Nigerians in the United Kingdom through your silent philanthropic activities, you got involved in other people’s challenges, just to bring back joy into their lives, we shall forever be grateful for the little time you spent with us.

The London Ikale community club misses you, Sleep well Ak media, sleep well our friend, sleep well our club member until we meet again.


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