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Better Nigeria, a US based organization advocates PMB’s return

By Steve Ovirih

  • A good governance advocacy group, Better Nigeria USA For Buhari Campaign Organisation founded by some eminent Nigerians in the Diaspora , under the leadership of Dr. Salewa Olafioye, has made a strong case for the return of President Muhammadu Buhari for second term as the President of Nigeria.
    The organization is rooting for Buhari’s second term because of its conviction that the incumbent President has acquitted himself well in his tour of duty as Nigeria’s President with an impressive score card in his first term as President.
    In a telephone chat with some stakeholders of the organization, majority of who are resident in the United states, the consensus opinion is that Buhari stands a shoulder higher than the other candidates and he deserve a second term.
    Mr. Rafiu Ajayi, Director of Planning and Strategy for the US based advocacy group while fielding questions from our reporter said there are two candidates gunning for the Nigerian presidency in 2019, noting that the candidates are Buhari and the rest.
    The Michigan based Nigerian born Ajayi maintained that with the 2019 poll fast approaching, the Nigerian press has its job cut out well, stressing that the Press as the fourth estate of the realm should propagate fact and not sensational news, stressing that only those who do not like Nigeria will not root for Buhari’s second term.
    He said it is a pity that while the previous government plundered Nigeria for the better part of a sixteen years Trojan, rather than accept responsibility for failing Nigerians, they still came together with the hope of seizing power once again to continue with their buccaneering style of governance.
    Mr. Ajayi who was the former President of Nigerian Foundation in Michigan said the Herdsmen killings in some part of Nigeria was orchestrated to mar the integrity of the incumbent president , noting that the kind of herdsmen he grew up to know in Nigeria never prowled around with arms and ammunition. He said Nigerian politician do not do politics with altruism hence the need for all to support President Muhammadu Buhari who stands out among the pack of Nigerian politicians, claiming that unlike the rest , candidate Buhari is a stern and conscientious politician whose austere lifestyle does not align with the kleptomaniac tendencies of the 21st century politics being peddled in Nigeria.
    In her own view, Mrs. Cynthia Adebayo in the course of a telephone chat with Ondo Events said the organization is focused on ensuring that votes count in the coming general election. The Vice Chairlady of Better Nigeria appealed to Nigerians not to allow the average selfish Nigerian politician to buy their conscience and franchise on election date because vote buying is fast becoming order of the day in Nigeria. She said the organization is poised to embark on awareness across Nigeria on the need to allow a free and fair credible poll, noting that Nigerian youth should not allow themselves to be used and dumped by any selfish political heavyweight.
    She equally appealed to Nigerians to vote once again for President Muhammadu Buhari so that the anti corruption crusade administration of the President can be fought to a logical conclusion.
    The founder of Better Nigeria and Michigan based Dr. Salewa Olafioye , who was recently in Nigeria told Ondo Events that Better Nigeria after a due and diligent consultation has agreed to work for the emergence of President Muhammadu Buhari for second term. He said for Nigeria not to derail all hands must be on deck to ensure the Buhari victory in the 2019 poll, stressing that the rot the previous government plundered Nigeria into can only be cured by a President who has genuine interest for fatherland rather than those with unbridled passion for the excess acquisition of wealth and materialism at the expense of Nigeria.

Meanwhile, a patron of the organization, Chief Amadi, also in the Diaspora has stressed that Nigerians who are based overseas are now, more than before , becoming overtly interested in what goes on in fatherland because they feel the brunt of wrong foreign policy , hence their resolve to actively participate in the process of selecting and electing the leadership at home by drumming up support for the candidate with mass appeal who in their judgement is better positioned to improve the lot of Nigerians. He said the primary aim of ‘Better Nigeria’ is not to engage in idle arm chair criticism , but to seek for means through which those in the Diaspora can wade in with their wealth of experience to help pull the nation out of the economic imbalance past leaders had subjected her.

While declaring the organization’s support for Buhari, Chief Amadi stressed that the Nigerian President is not without his human shortcoming, but with the few years he has spent in office, he has made tremendous progress in his style of administration and therefore deserves another good term in office.
Mr Markson Kunle Ayeku, an Ikale indigene resident in the New York, United states said ‘Better Nigeria’ will not only work for Buhari but they will work assiduously to ensure his victory at the 2019 poll . Ayeku said Better Nigeria has analysed a lot of Presidential candidates and based on sound judgement, Buhari has been adopted by all members and he will be the candidate they will work for in the 2019 General election.

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