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Barrister Morayo Lebi: The man who the Southern Senatorial cap fits

Born some over 50 years ago at Akotogbo to Igbijo’s family whose family’s panegyrics goes thus:

Igbijo r’oto, aghone-ghone b’ogho mo ne( Igbijo, different species, they look at you and squander money on you)..The money then might be cowries and later coins and other medium of economic exchanges….But, it was a prophesy meant for today! BML lives a life of given. He gives and gives infinitum.

He shall be called Morayo.

Morayo ( I have found joy) is similarly prophetic but mostly feminine, at least in our part of the world, but, by divine orchestration, Morayo Lebi is
male…yet, he bears Morayo for the prophecy must come to pass.

My son will be a Lawyer!

Ajimisogbe, Morayo Lebi’s dad first name, was involved in a land case and the opponent’s lawyer almost turned the case against him ( An accuser being turned to the accused) and he therefore made a vow that his son, who was given birth to during the crises must be a Lawyer. Therefore, before he ever stepped into the prestigious gate of university of Lagos, where he eventually studied law, he was already nicknamed as “Lawyer”!

My elder brother, my benefactor.

My brother that passed away few years ago was virtually responsible for my tertiary education. The important lesson I derived from his life was, you can make success of your life irrespective of your Educational attainment. He had primary school education and trained as a professional photographer, and made fortune from his profession. Therefore, wherever I go for campaign purposes, I emphasized not only academic qualifications for the youth, I also encouraged them to learn trade, acquire skills…also, it’s incumbent on government to provide an enabling environment for artisans to practice their skills and thrive.

Whoever that finds a wife, find a good thing and obtained favour from the Lord.

Shortly before I graduated from Unilag, I ran into my wife, who has become a rock of Gibraltar to me. Let me hasten to say, that, apart from God grace upon my life, my success in life can be ascribed to the unwavering support of my wife and her devotion to my family. Mrs Adetutu Miriam Lebi is an ideal wife, created specially for me by my benevolent God.

NYSC in Kano, another invisible fingers of God.

I did my compulsory NYSC in Kano and by benefit of hindsight, l dare say, the modest sucess I have attained in legal profession so far, could be traceable to the training I received in Kano. I was saddled with professional responsibilities that was far beyond my level as a youth corp member. I gained tremendously from such exposure and that propelled me to start my Chamber earlier than most of my school mates.

The unforgettable case!

Well, while I have been privileged to handle some exciting cases, the case between Mobil producing Nigeria limited and the Hausas community at Boundary, Ago Hausas, Ajegunle, Lagos, trumps all. The international oil behemoth wanted to eject the Hausas residents from the community they have settled for almost century before then. All manners of pressure was brought upon us to jettison the case, some mouth watering “carrots” were dangling, but we remained firm and unyielding. The case was done pro-bono, but I derived till today, some spiritual satisfaction from such experience. Let me add, that, till today, in appreciation of the efforts, the Hausas residing in that community presents to me annual cow gift, every December!


I was the last born and mama ( my mum) gave birth to me at her old age, far beyond normal conception age for women. Thus, I became the Apple of her eyes. I was pampered and protected till I was sent to my elder brother in the city. I thank God for her beautiful life and for the privilege to nurture her at old age. When she passed on, I gave her a beffiting burial worthy of a Princess.

Under what party? APC!

When I joined partisan politics, the dominant political parties in my area then were PDP and Labour party.
APC was “without form and void”! With every sense of modesty, I built APC from the scratch! From office pin to passport photograph for members.Office rentage and equipment, were mostly provided single handedly. It’s public record and widely known to old members of the party, and of course, the party leadership.

Politics is not dirty.

While I will agree with you that most practioners are terrible, Politics itself isn’t dirty. Meanwhile, don’t we have bad Teachers, Farmers, artisans, Doctors…..? People like us are not really the professional Politicians but we are the professionals in Politics!

BML…. Better My Life.

It’s not just a mere political sloganeering, it’s a creed, the fulcrum of our program. It’s designed to uplift and better the economic conditions of our people.

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