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Giving Back to the Society is a way to Appreciate God’s Mercies Upon me – Barr. Benson Amuwa

Despite a name that rings a bell and reverberates across the length and breadth of the state, Benso Amuwa remains a personage of humility. He does not believe in petty dragging and hustling for political relevance. He believes that leadership should not be given accidentally. Amuwa is fighter of repression, stagnation and corruption. He is a distinguished progressive and a polished welfarist too. Amuwa’s political cum ideological contents are the type required to turn around a sickly polity. Benson’ makes a legendary model, an aromatic voyage for growing men with the penchant for difference; a fella who had it rough through the rungs but whose well-spelt ends have driven to consequence; standing irrepressibly up on the inside, even when he seemed knocked down on the outside. He’s never knocked out!

Barr. Benson Amuwa
Barr. Benson Amuwa

That leaders should lead by shining examples; that leaders should embody the strength of character; that leaders should see themselves as servants of the led and not otherwise; that leadership should be seen as a call to sacrificially serve ; that leadership positions should not been used as conduits for siphoning the common wealth to feather private nests; that a leader must be an optimist and an untiring crusader; of the best standards; that the resources of the state should be utilized judiciously to address the needs of the citizenry. These, among many other fine virtues and values are what Benson Amuwa stands for.
Wisdom Charity Foundation is not for profit organization established to address the basic needs and concern of the people especially the downtrodden in the society. The organization since inception has successfully planned and implemented programmes and projects in so many areas of focus all to make life for the people. The foundation has organized medical out reaches to several communities to address numerous health challenges. During these outreaches, basic health condition were addressed, wheelchairs, crutches, walking sticks and mosquito nets were donated. It was founded in 2015 6th June. A subsidiary of *Word of the Day* that was founded in 14th February, 2012. All activities dedicated to giving and adding to the less endowed in the society. So far, Wisdom Charity Foundation has hugely donated to 75 Orphanage homes in the states of Ondo, Edo, Rivers, Ekiti, Osun, Ogun, Lagos, Jos, Abuja FCT, Kwara, Kano, Delta, and Benue. And couple of places outside the shore of Nigeria namely: Accra Ghana, Maryland USA and very recently London UK.

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